Case Studies

Case Study: Slutty Vegan

Facebook Messenger Bot

In December of 2018, Edward Fox contacted the owner of Slutty Vegan to offer the facebook messenger chatbot service. The chatbot is built on automated messaging. 

Automated messaging is used for replying to customers and potential customers. Information that they ask for without a dedicated person replying to those messages, so the chatbot actually works as an employee that works directly with the customers answering their questions 24/7. 

The chatbot not only answers questions that the customers have; it also offers the ability to display menu items. 


Place orders 

Book an appointment 

If necessary a person can jump into the conversation and answer questions that the potential customer may have. 

So since December 18th of 2018. 

The slutty vegan chatbot has 3,262 subscribers. Having these subscribers will allow Slutty Vegan to reach out to these subscribers at any time to sell them products or services. This subscriber list is similar to an email list. An email list is important in business because it is a list of your customers combined with a list of people that have opted in to receive information and promotions from your business. 

The chatbot is accessed by a link on their social media profiles, by a button on the website, and by sending a message to the Facebook page.

Slutty Vegan

1 Day

Designer & Strategist

Date Completed
December 2018